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Web Design Wireframes: The Ultimate Secret Weapon for Crafting Stunning Websites

A wireframe is simple blueprint of what a website would look like when it is completed.  It shows how all of the elements of the page and site link together.   We can compare a web design wireframe to a bare skeleton, as the design and details have yet to be added.
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Unveiling the Top Website Trends of 2023: Embracing the Digital Evolution

The online landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses striving to leave a lasting digital impression. As we step into 2023, it’s essential for digital marketers and website owners to be aware of the latest website trends that are shaping the way we engage with online platforms. Read more

QR Code Best Practices: Optimizing Your Scannable Branding

Using QR codes for branding can be an effective way to engage customers and drive traffic to your website. Read more

Fast, Cheap and Great Graphic/Web Design

Web design is an essential element of any online presence, whether you’re running a small business or a multinational corporation. However, not everyone has the budget for expensive web design services, and that’s where cheap web design comes in. While some may think that “cheap” means low quality, it is possible to achieve great web design without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can achieve fast, cheap, and great web design all at the same time.

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The Psychology Behind Colors

Colors invoke emotion! Psychology has proven that different colors affect us in different ways.  Depending on the shade of color and the setting, a given color can cause very different human emotions.  The meaning of the color red, for instance, is fire and blood.  Red can invoke feelings of danger and warning, as seen in stop signs and threat levels.  However, a shade of red lipstick has forever been associated with passion and love.

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How to Speak Like a Web Designer

As the Web matures, so do all the component involved with creating and designing a website.  With that maturity comes a new set of ideas and functions, in addition to terms to learn and understand.  Below, you will find just a few of the most common terms used by web designers.  Whether a web designer or surfer, knowing these terms will help you better understand what is involved in making a great looking, as well as successful website.

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